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Think of shuffleboard like curling except without the ice, brooms and screaming Norwegians in crazy pants (even though crazy pants and Norwegians are allowed). Shuffleboard might be the perfect of all bar games. There’s wood, sawdust and little pucks that one can slide up and down in an effort to score more points. And what’s better it’s a game that takes up a good chunk of time, which means more drinking. There’s science that proves that drinking leads to better shuffling; both on the dance floor and on the shuffleboard. Like curling, shuffleboard is best played in groups, so bring your friends along and join a United Social Sports Shuffleboard league today!



  1. Groups of 2-3 players will be elevated to team status. The league will match up any free agents or groups of less than four to form teams. No more than four players will be grouped together when merged by the league without permission from the hosting team. Teams may have more players as alternates on their team to avoid forfeits and for use as Subs. For all teams a minimum of two players must be present to play in order to avoid a forfeit. In addition, if four or more players show up it is the discretion of the captain to rotate players into game play.
  2. Each team will have a captain, who will be the official representative to the league and will be responsible for communicating messages from the league. A co-captain is also highly encouraged.
    1. While phone numbers are option for regular players, all captains must ensure that their profiles have an accurate phone number listed. This is used during urgent communications between the league and captains and will never be shared with third parties.
  3. The season schedule will be posted on your player portal. Teams should reference the schedule to plan for their scheduled match and to connect with their opposing teams.
  4. Players must be registered (and paid in full) to play and to be counted towards a group’s Team Status.  

Game Play

  1. Upon arrival captains will connect with their opponents. To ensure that the shuffleboard games are compt by the bar and to easily find opponents players are required to wear their Shuffleboard team shirts.
  2. If there are no other teams playing play can begin immediately.
  3. If the tables are occupied by other league teams captains will write their team names on the waiting list (white or chalk board provided by the bar) or verbally place themselves in line by speaking to the team currently playing.
  4. Captains will print off score sheets from the website prior to arrival. They will be responsible for score keeping. If there is a dispute in score keeping, and it cannot be settled, captains and their teams will leave the area of play. Once all games of regular play have been completed the teams with disputes will re-enter the area of play and hold a rematch. Teams will then submit scores for their rematch to the league organizer through email.
  5. Games will follow official shuffleboard rules. See for details.
  6. Game play will run until one team reaches 15 points or 30 minutes elapses. Which ever occurs first.

Play Offs

  1. Standing in the league will be determined by wins and losses. The top teams (depending on league size)  will play a single elimination tournament that is held during the end of season party.


  1. Teams are encouraged to introduce themselves at the start of their games. Competitors are also encouraged to shake hands afterward.
  2. While competition is encouraged, players should remain civilized and friendly at all times. Any player deemed to be acting in an unsportsmanlike manner can be reported to USS by players or bar staff. After receiving one report of unsportsmanlike behavior, a warning will be given. After a second report, the player will be suspended from one game. After a third report, the player will be removed from the league. Examples of unsportsmanlike behavior excessive badgering of players (cussing, shouting, heckling, etc.), excessively rude conduct to other bar patrons or bar staff, and/or cheating. League Reps will have final decision on any issues regarding enforcement of this rule.


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